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2016.03.10The Nation is Not Divided. And Still Prefers Sanders
2014.08.13Defending the Indefensible: Israel's Assault ...
2014.08.04The Israel-Gaza Conflict: Summary and Context
2014.04.22 It's Not about Religion: Lecture at U. of Chicago
2014.05.02 It's Not about Hamas: Decrying Palestinian Unity
2013.06.13 Finkelstein on the Israel Lobby
2013.06.04 Syria: A Showcase of Middle Eastern Disorder
2012.11.20 Gaza and Operation Pillar of Defense
2012.09.20 The Earthly Interests of Power: A Response ...
2012.08.12 Oak Creek and us
2012.06.21 Mitt Romney (the Candidate) on the Middle East
2012.05.18 Huntley fails to work within history
2012.04.25 Fareed Zakaria: At War with History
2012.04.03 Palestine-Israel: Peace Process Fulfilled
2012.03.23 Afghanistan: The Devastation of a Virtual Country
2012.01.13 The Liberal Media and Foreign Policy
2010.08.26 It's Not about Religion
2010.04.19 The US and Israel: The Procedural Relationship


2012.11.27 Interview, with Kourosh Ziabari
2012.11.02 Society of Midland Authors interview
2012.10.09 Truthout interview, with David Masciotra


2014.08.04Interview: BFM Radio, Kuala Lumpur
2012.11.26 Society of Midland Authors lecture (Nov. 13)
2012.10.28 KPFK Radio, Middle East in Focus (starts at 35:30)
2012.09.09 WGN Radio, Sunday Papers with Rick Kogan
2012.08.15 WBEZ, Worldview with Jerome McDonnell
2009.01.10"Middle East conflict explained" (Harms on BBC Radio, 5 Live)

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